Important News

  • Photo of Pool Keys

    Pool Keys

    Good Evening and Happy Fourth! As you may have seen via email, James Michael Deegan or Paul Brundage will be at the…

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  • Photo of Tennis court usage

    Tennis court usage

    The HOA Board has taken action and approved a measure that reopens the tennis courts for member households. There are…

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  • Photo of Covid19 Updates

    Covid19 Updates

    The HOA board has taken the following updated action in light of the recent changes relative to the pandemic. At…

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  • Photo of Quarantine and Coffee

    Quarantine and Coffee

    Thank you to TradeWind Coffee Co. and the many neighbors who ventured out this morning to the clubhouse for a coffee, smoothie…

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  • Photo of Graduation banner

    Graduation banner

    THIS IS THE FINAL CALL to all of our neighbors for names to be added to our CC graduation banner!…

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  • Photo of Covid19 Update

    Covid19 Update

    The HOA board is taking action in response to the Coronavirus pandemic as a means of mitigating the potential for…

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  • Photo of Board meeting

    Board meeting

    Please make note of a Neighborhood HOA meeting on Thursday, January 16th @ 7:00 PM. We are in need of…

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