Covid19 Updates

The HOA board has taken the following updated action in light of the recent changes relative to the pandemic. At this time ALL FACILITIES REMAIN CLOSED. This includes the Clubhouse, Pool, Playground and Tennis Courts. Despite some recent changes in the executive order of the Governor’s office, we have elected to align to Gwinnett County’s Parks and Recreation Department for localized guidance. As such, you are free to walk around the outdoor facilities, but may not use any of the activity centers for their intended purpose. We are constantly monitoring the situation and will advise when we are able to reopen any of the facilities.

Tennis: When we are able to reopen the tennis facilities, we intend to limit activity to smaller groups at first as a means of controlling the spread of the Coronavirus. When this happens, we will ask that all parties honor the guidance of the USTA for this initial period until we can resume normal operations. We’ll share that guidance in a separate post.

Pool: As we are approaching May 1st, you will most likely notice that we are having Positively Pools prepare the pool for the summer schedule. We elected to have this done as this is no small task, was previously contracted, and any extended delay could restrict the pool’s use well beyond any mandated quarantine period because of available scheduling of that company’s resources. Despite being prepared for opening, the use of the pool is specifically forbidden until the HOA board takes further action.

Clubhouse: As the clubhouse is meant for group events, it will remain closed until the board takes action. At this point it is safe to assume that any events scheduled in May will most likely be cancelled or postponed. Once this status changes, we will communicate.

Playground: As with the playgrounds in the county parks, our playground near the tennis area is closed until further notice. Please do not use the playground equipment as we cannot ensure that contact with the virus can be prevented at this time.

Open Area/Common Areas: These are OPEN and you are encouraged to take the time to enjoy these areas, get outdoors, and exercise. Please keep in mind that any and all interaction with your neighbors needs to be compliant with the social distancing recommendations of the CDC for your own personal well-being.

Thank you for respecting these updated protocols as we work to navigate these ever-changing and unprecedented times. As a board, we are taking a great deal of community feedback and are constantly reviewing updated communal recommendations at the Federal, State and Local level as we work to mitigate the risk of exposure in our community.

Churchill Commons HOA Board

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