Tennis court usage

The HOA Board has taken action and approved a measure that reopens the tennis courts for member households. There are some restrictions to the use of the facilities to keep in mind.

  1. Only members of your immediate household can participate in your group. No outside guests or interactive play between families at this time.
  2. No group larger than four (4) people may use the courts.
  3. Please do not congregate in the area after play.
  4. Please honor social distancing practices and ensure that all areas are kept clean from personal articles.
  5. Limit play to an hour, especially if others are waiting to use the courts so that as many members can play as possible.
  6. The Pool, Clubhouse, Bathroom Facilities and Playground remain closed at this time. Please do not go into or use any of these other areas.
  7. The board may take action to close the facilities in the event there are changes in the region’s pandemic factors, or if it is discovered that these policies and/or the recommended practices in the linked article from the USTA are not adhered to by the membership.
  8. Please take the time to review the content on the linked website from the US Tennis Association (USTA) for suggestions on play. (
  9. By accessing the area you agree to respect these policies and hold harmless the HOA, board, members, individuals and other residents for any potential liability associated with Covid-19 or the Coronavirus.

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