QUARANTINE with CAFFEINE… (Coffee @ Clubhouse)

While practicing the social distancing protocols, the HOA is hosting an event on Tuesday, April 21st from 8:30AM to 10:00AM. This day was picked because the weather looks to be mostly sunny that day in between some upcoming rain cycles. There will be a mobile coffee service provided by TradeWind Coffee Co. from Dacula at the clubhouse parking lot. An assortment of hot and cold coffee, tea and other drinks will be available from the van.

1. Please refrain from coming if you are not feeling 100%
2. Please remember to wear a mask.
3. Please remember to respect social distancing and do not congregate in groups. Limit spacing to no less than 6″ from others.
4. Please bring cash for purchasing drinks.
5. This helps us experience a community related event while supporting a worthwhile local small business.
6. There is potentially a great lesson in perseverance for the kids that might need a study break in this experience.
7. Have Fun!

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